About Us

Since its establishment in 1965, Applied Sweepers has specialized in the design and manufacture of compact sweeping machines to sweep downtown areas, sidewalks, and other congested outdoor areas beyond the reach of larger more traditional street sweepers.

The famous 414 model 'Green Machine' suction sweepers, first produced in the 1980's, have become the standard machine for downtown and city centers all over the world with over 10,000 machines in use in more than 40 countries.

Customer-led innovation has always been our philosophy. Applied Sweepers has devoted an unusually large amount of effort and resource to product development. Every year, the Green Machine range becomes even more capable, so customers around the world can be sure that the Green Machine suction sweeper they buy is at the forefront of technology.

Design and Development

Three decades of development have kept the Green Machine ahead of other manufacturers in the outdoor sweeping market. The engineering and development team constantly strive to make our machines more effective, more reliable and easier to operate. Assisted by a former Porsche Industrial designer, they have made the Green Machine range even more attractive to look at.

Green Machines work in a tough challenging environment, so all components are chosen for their toughness and reliability. Years of 'hands on' experience of street cleaning demands have kept the 'Green Machine' one step ahead in markets all around the world.

Worldwide Success

Since 1965, over ten thousand Green Machines have been delivered to cities around the world. The Green Machine can also be seen at some of the worlds most prestigious locations such as St. Peters Square in Rome, Times Square in New York, Disney World and even Buckingham Palace in London.

Applied Sweepers have wholly owned subsidiary companies in France, Germany and the USA. In all the other countries sales and service are provided by National Distributors, fully supported by Applied Sweepers International in Scotland.

These National Distributors receive comprehensive training at the Applied Sweepers Training Center in Scotland for full product briefing and training to enable them to expertly support Green Machines in their own counties.



By specializing in the design and development of only smaller outdoor sweeping machines, Applied Sweepers has become a world leader in our field.

From their headquarters at Falkirk in Scotland and through their overseas National Distributor network, Applied Sweepers have supplied Green Machines to city authorities in almost every part of the world and, when these machines have proven their worth, fleet sizes have then been increased to maximize their operational value.

From Buckingham Palace to Broadway, San Francisco to Singapore, Melbourne to Madrid, Applied Sweepers Green Machines have become the standard sweeping product for outdoor sweeping.